Barriers to Block Migrants: Germany

“Build a Wall” Series – Germany

Barriers to Block Migrants

Map of Germany

Germany has been a welcoming nation for immigrants, but an open door invitation by the government brought an overwhelming surge of migrants. Over five times the number of migrants and refugees were registered in Germany in 2015 than in 2014. (1) Over 80% arrive without documentation (2) and all had to be accommodated. The countries and governments in Europe reacted to the massive influx. The number arriving in Germany slowed in 2016. Walls and barriers were built at country borders, benefits were altered to discourage more taking the dangerous journeys, and border crossing checks were set up to screen transport.

Infografik Anzahl der Asyl-Neuanträge in der EU ENGLISCH

Graph from (3)


Notes from August 8, 2015 video: Nearly 2 million people were at the border with Turkey and at the fastest current processing wouldn’t get a hearing on their status till 2023, so migrants were trying to get deeper into the EU by walking and taking any transport possible.

Immigrants, arriving in Rosenheim, Germany by train, were being processed efficiently. The arrivals were finger printed and checked for a known police record, then sent out to various housing throughout the country.

The city of Hamburg was required to take in 2.5% of all migrants arriving in Germany. Every day 200 – 300 new arrivals needed to be accommodated by the city. The large exhibition center was being prepared to house over 1,000 arrivals.

Helga Broeker, an elderly resident, read a letter advising that a local neighborhood park would be housing 500 asylum seekers. She said, “It is just like this everywhere in the city at the moment. Spaces must be provided, there is no alternative. But it is certainly a big disadvantage when you live that close.”

Munich, suburb of Neuperlach Süd

Notes from December 4, 2016 video: Housing for migrants was being placed all over Germany. In a suburb of Munich some homeowners were worried their property values would decline when a shelter for young unaccompanied migrants was placed 82 feet from their neighborhood housing. The homeowners took the city of Munich to court to have a 12 foot wall to separate the asylum center from their houses.

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Wall being built next to a refugee camp in Neuperlach Sud, Germany

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German – Czechia / Czech Republic border

Schirnding, Germany: Human wall in protest

Notes from November 8, 2015 video: Some Germans and Czechs formed a symbolic human wall in protest against the influx of immigrants. They were followed by some media and police. The protesters walked peacefully through the woods on “Merkel’s path” where immigrants would travel to head into Europe. They carried signs and flags.

One sign reads “Gegen religiösen fanatismus” – Against Religious Fanaticism. Members of PEGIDA carried a banner with “Gewaltfrei und vereint gegen glaubenskriege auf deutschem boden” – Nonviolent and united against the war of faith on German soil (Google Translate). PEGIDA means “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”. They are concerned about too many immigrants coming into their countries and that they would not integrate properly into their communities and cause a drain on resources. Housing migrants in Germany overwhelmed the facilities and were costing billions of Euros.

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