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Rummaging Globalism is a “nom de plume”, but I am a real person in the USA.

One of my many interests is world affairs and globalism. This has been a change year.

Disclaimer: I did not vote for Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. I voted for Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and reside in a “red state”.

Some say there are an “Illuminati”, who are the power elites of the world. Some believe they are alien lizard people. Well, I am not crazy. No, I do not think the erudite elitists that gather together to discuss shaping the world are anymore than humans. In general they are attempting to do good for overall humanity, but their bumbling around often makes one population worse at the expense of others. Perhaps there are new ways to organize the world’s countries to trade and cooperate? Anyone following the news knows that these are “interesting times”. The surprise election of Donald Trump and the possible continued upsets in the European order sparked me to finally start this blog.

This will be a casual blog and largely for my own purposes. I plan to use the site to hold links for my reference, but the links may also be of interest to others.

I also am using the Draft (not published) posts to hold information of interest that I may return to later to make into published posts (or maybe not). This gives me a place to hold thoughts without feeling the need to email stuff to my family or friends, which they should appreciate. Instead when I have a blog post, then I will throw into the cyber winds by pressing “Publish”.

Another purpose of this blog is to use to practice writing vs just banging out emails, plus to practice research skills using the internet / www to find primary and valid sources of information. There is a need for fact checking. Knowing how to research and find primary sources is a useful skill. I have often been told that I’m good at gleaning information off the internet with my ability to scan / skim and tie information together.

The website also provides a platform to manage and develop a customized WordPress website and practice SEO and more webmaster skills. I want to improve my knowledge beyond basic website development using HTML / CSS. Also I need to learn how to use Social Media, but do not want to use the Social medias in a personal manner. My ultimate goal is to find content writing on the web and website development free lance work.

I will try to use appropriate “Fair Use” of any copyrighted material, so pardon if I fail on that score and just let me know. I am learning how to properly write for the web. Using footnotes does not appear to be the method used, but I may still do that anyway (or stick links at the bottom).

Blog entries are not sacrosanct and may be edited, so the date posted may not mean much. I am trying to use my own “comments” to add to topics vs alter posts. Blogging as entries is easier than creating a network of actual web pages. Tags may be used to classify. The entire blog may move into a different format over time. It will be a constant work in progress and an outlet for my interests in global affairs / politics, as well as a tool for my professional development.

I have subscriptions for “Foreign Affairs” and “The Economist” (as of 01/24/2017). Am looking for local library that may give me access to some subscriber blocked newspapers.

Blog started in November 2016 as a free site

Moved to official domain on January 04, 2017:

As of 01/04/2017 no social media. Created a Twitter account Jan 2017.